Wavelet methods for shape perception in electro-sensing

This paper aims at presenting a new approach to the electro-sensing problem using wavelets. It provides an efficient algorithm for recognizing the shape of a target from micro-electrical impedance measurements. Stability and resolution capabilities of the proposed algorithm are quantified in numerical simulations. Source: http://lslink.info/?c=R2D

Legal Freedom Fighter Series: Roberta Kaplan

We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout our history: When people’s rights are threatened, it’s the lawyers who step up to to the plate. Some are true Freedom Fighters, and they deserve special recognition. That’s why each month, we will feature lawyers who are really making a difference. Today, we are proud to feature Roberta Kaplan. Roberta Kaplan, the founding partner at

Sawada Mansion in Kōchi-shi, Japan

Sawada Mansion isn’t the average Japanese apartment building. It’s a DIY apartment complex that’s the result of an amateur architect’s lifework. Kano Sawada (1927 to 2003) was a self-taught architect and carpenter. Dissatisfied with “cage-like” standard apartment complexes, he set about building an apartment that could foster a sense of community and creativity, all while

Mini Home Updates for Fall :: Our Living Room

With fall settling in, and our major projects behind us (remodel and wedding!), I’ve been dying to get to some mini home updates that have been on my list forever! Rather than jump into another big project, like a total room overhaul, I’ve decided that fall is going to be ALL about finishing off little