Month: August 2017

Early Lessons From Building a Consulting Company

Nine months ago I quit my job to start my first company, Siege Media. Three months later, I talked about the mysticism of entrepreneurship, “taking the jump” and how the process was remarkably easy – and also, something I probably should have done earlier. It was and it is, but that doesn’t make building a company an

Building a Catalog Dashboard

Following up on my post from last week on copyright status, here’s another tip on the use of smart collections to help you manage your catalog over time. In that post I mentioned what I call my “Catalog Dashboard,” which is simply a set of useful smart collections that track certain aspects of my catalog

Cummins beats Tesla to electric semi truck

As Tesla fans and the industry at large await the reveal of the electric car brand’s promised semi-trailer truck in September, Cummins, most widely known for its diesel engines, has quietly unveiled an electric truck of its own. Cummins’ truck is strictly a concept, but the company is confident the vehicle, or at least its

Friendly, Frictionless Work: Best Practices For Enterprise Messaging UX, From Slack

    Creating good user experiences for apps inside messaging platforms poses a relatively new design challenge. When moving from desktop web to mobile interfaces, developers have had to rethink interaction design to work around a constrained screen size, a new set of input gestures and unreliable network connections. Like our tiny touchscreens, messaging platforms

Slow Cooker Filipino Chicken Recipe

Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! I have been meaning to share my review of the Instant Pot for a while now, and since I’ve received several inquiries about it, today I am sharing my recipe for this Slow-Cooker Filipino Chicken Adobo, and taking the opportunity to tell you about this seven-in-one appliance

Ramanujan Hegde (MRC) 1: Compartmentalization of Proteins Inside Cells

Part 1: Compartmentalization of Proteins Inside Cells: Hegde reviews key historical experiments that have informed our understanding protein localization within a cell. Part 2: Quality Control of Protein Localization: Mislocalization of proteins can have devastating effects for the entire organism. Hegde explains how cells detect and degrade mislocalized proteins. Part 3: Recognition of Protein Localization

Google’s ARCore Will Do for Android Hardware What Apple’s ARKit Has Done for iPhones

When Apple announced their ARKit platform in June, they immediately staked the claim to the largest augmented reality hardware platform, with millions of iPhones and iPads compatible with iOS 11 becoming AR devices this fall. Not so fast, says Google. Today, Google revealed their own AR toolkit for developers, ARCore, with a preview software development

Maple Bacon Donuts

Maple Bacon Donuts are breakfast perfection! The salty bacon cuts through the sweetness of the maple and brown sugar glaze on top of a fluffy yeast donut.     *This post is brought to you by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Dessert Now Dinner Later possible.     I have mixed feelings about donuts.

Squad of Apple car staffers jump ship to self-driving startup Zoox – AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

AppleInsider (press release) (blog)Squad of Apple car staffers jump ship to self-driving startup ZooxAppleInsider (press release) (blog)A group of 17 Apple engineers said to be working on Apple’s automotive ambitions has reportedly left the company for self-driving company Zoox after Apple scaled back plans. According to an account published on Wednesday by Bloomberg, the 17 …and